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Physicians for Responsible Negotiation

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NOVEMBER 24, 1999


CHICAGO – Physicians For Responsible Negotiation (PRN), a national negotiating (labor) organization created by the American Medical Association, announces its formal launch and its inaugural officers. PRN is now available to organize and assist eligible physicians and residents in negotiating important issues with their employers involving patient care and physician practice.

Heading PRN will be Susan H. Adelman, M.D., a pediatric surgeon from Southfield, Mich., who was elected president for the new organization by its Board of Directors. Other PRN officers named Sunday were: John C. Nelson, MD, an obstetrician/gynecologist from Salt Lake City, Utah (Treasurer) and Andrew M. Thomas, a physician in a fellowship program at the Ohio State University (Secretary). Dr. Adelman and Nelson are also members of the AMA’s Board of Trustees.

"I am honored to have been selected for this important position," Dr. Adelman said. "Throughout my career, I have been concerned that physicians maintain the ability to advocate strongly for the best interest of their patients, regardless of setting. I am convinced that an organization such as PRN is absolutely necessary in today’s environment as more and different parties try to become involved in the patient/ physician relationship."

Initially, PRN will negotiate on behalf of employed physicians, as well as certain resident physicians where state law allows. A case pending before the National Labor Relation Board, however, could expand the number of physicians currently eligible to negotiate through PRN.

In addition, PRN will assist self-employed physicians in states such as Texas, where state law allows these physicians to collectively negotiate with insurance plans and other payors.

"Physicians across America have seen their ability to care for their patients diminished with clinical decisions taking a back seat to the bottom-line," said Dr. Adelman. "Physicians for Responsible Negotiations will begin the process of correcting this fundamental problem."

PRN will strictly follow and apply the ethical standards and principles of the medical profession in all of its activities. PRN will advocate on behalf of its members to create and maintain a health care system that guarantees for physicians a working atmosphere where they can devote the time and attention to their patients’ needs and where quality patient care and the protection of patients’ rights is a top priority. The goals of PRN will be accomplished without strikes or other withholding of essential medical services.

For more information contact:

Ross Rubin, Acting Executive Director


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