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Physicians for Responsible Negotiation

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August 8, 2000


CHICAGO - Responding to requests from physicians employed by Concentra Managed Care, Inc. in New Jersey, Physicians for Responsible Negotiation (PRN) has filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to serve as the collective bargaining representative for the group.

The NLRB will hold a hearing tomorrow to determine which Concentra physicians are eligible to vote on the representation request and to schedule an election. If PRN wins that election, PRN will immediately initiate contract negotiations with Concentra on behalf of the physicians.

PRN is seeking to represent all full-time, non-supervisory, employed occupational medicine physicians at Concentra's 10 New Jersey clinics. Concentra operates the nation's largest network of occupational healthcare centers, managing the practice of approximately 350 physicians located in over 200 centers in 32 states. While only the New Jersey physicians are petitioning for PRN representation, the results of their petition could impact eligible Concentra physicians elsewhere.

"Concentra physicians contacted PRN because they fear some of the company's corporate policies interfere with physicians' ability to properly prescribe services for their patients," said Susan Hershberg Adelman, M.D., president of PRN and a pediatric surgeon from Southfield, Mich. "They have made their concerns known to management, but nothing has changed. Now they believe it is time to take a stand so they can take care of patients in the manner in which they were trained."

If PRN wins the election, the New Jersey physicians' group would become the second local bargaining unit represented by PRN. PRN currently represents physicians employed by the Wellness Plan - a Medicaid HMO - in suburban Detroit. PRN was founded by the American Medical Association last year to offer a professional alternative for doctors seeking help in advocating for patients and quality care.

For more information:
Robert T. Bernat, JD, MD
Executive Director, PRN
312-464-4PRN (4776)

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