Physicians for Responsible Negotiation: Documents and Information

If you would like to learn more about the PRN, please feel free to review the documents below.

I: Collective Bargaining Information

The Collective Bargaining Process (You may also download this document in Adobe's Portable Document Format: The Collective Bargaining Process - PDF format)

A Comparison: PRN and Traditional Labor Organizations

NLRB v. Kentucky River: Who is a Supervisor?

Physician Collective Bargaining (This article originally appeared in The Health Lawyer, December 2000.)

Physician Decision-Making in Health Care Systems - AMA Council of Medical Service Report, 1996 (Also available as a PDF: Physician Decision-Making - PDF format)

Your Rights Under the Law (Also available as a PDF: Your Rights Under the Law - PDF format)

II: PRN Governance Documents

Amended Bylaws of the Physicians for Responsible Negotiation - PDF format

Constitution of the Physicians for Responsible Negotiation (Also available as a PDF: PRN Constitution - PDF format)

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Agreement (Also available as a PDF: LLC Agreement - PDF format)

Thank you for your interest in the PRN.