Press Releases

Press releases prepared by the PRN are available below:

July 31, 2002: AMA Approves Additional Funding for PRN

May 6, 2002: AMA Discontinues Additional Loans to PRN

February 1, 2002: PRN Scores Major Victory With NLRB Decision

November 20, 2001: PRN Helps Lutheran General Residents and Fellows Win NLRB Decision

April 17, 2001: PRN charters first affiliate physician labor organization

March 26, 2001: Inaugural Contract Negotiation for Michigan Physicians Called a Success

Aug. 16, 2000: PRN Offers Representation To Chicago-Area Resident Group

Aug. 8, 2000: NJ Physician Group Seeks PRN Representation To Address Concerns With Concentra

Mar. 13, 2000: Detroit Doctors Elect PRN As Their Collective Bargaining Representative

Feb. 14, 2000: NLRB Affirms Collective Bargaining Rights for PRN/Wellness Plan Physicians - Election To Be Held Immediately

Dec. 30, 1999: Detroit Doctors Ask Physicians for Responsible Negotiation To File Petition For Formation of a Collective Bargaining Unit

Dec. 1, 1999: New PRN President To Meet The Media

Nov. 29, 1999: Physicians For Responsible Negotiation Lauds NLRB Decision

Nov. 24, 1999: Physicians For Responsible Negotiation Launched