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Managed Care Issues/ Private Sector Advocacy

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Tools you can use... 

Let the AMA know about the hassles and unfair business practices you experience in your day-to-day interactions with health plans and insurers. 

Follow That ClaimLet the AMA assist you with navigating the maze of the claims submission process.

bookThe AMA's Model Managed Care Contract is designed to offer a reasonable alternative to the one-sided contracts typically offered by health insurers.

Managed Care Hassles

PSA recently asked the national medical specialty societies and state medical associations to list the top private sector issues facing their membership.

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PartnershipsThank you to our friends in the Federation. Find out more about each individual society and association.

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Also see...

Prompt payment campaign
Placing pressure on health insurers to pay physicians in a timely manner. 

15 Steps to Protect Your Practice from Abusive Payment Practices
Help is on the way...

Antitrust Issues...  

The AMA has been working hard for years to change the antitrust landscape. The AMA works to educate physicians about the realities of the current antitrust environment.

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Other Managed Care Resources

Competition in Health Insurance: A Comprehensive Study of US Markets 

Disease Management Process and What it Can Mean to your Patients

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Questions about Managed Care Issues?



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Last updated: Sep 12, 2003
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