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Montefiore Medical Center

June, 2001

Physicians for Responsible Negotiation (PRN) initiated an organizing effort at Montefiore Medical Center in September, 2000. From the beginning, PRN demonstrated our commitment to the physicians by hosting meetings, sending emails and hard mail informational pieces, creating this section on the PRN website dedicated to the organizing effort at Montefiore, and actively responding to questions and inquiries. In return, we needed 250 Attending physicians to show their commitment to PRN by signing "Election Request Forms" by May 15, 2001. As we explained to the physicians, PRN needed those signatures in order to petition the National Labor Relations Board to hold an election at Montefiore where the physicians would have had the opportunity to vote whether they wished to be represented by PRN for purposes of collective bargaining.

Despite the tremendous efforts of a dedicated group of Attending physicians and a substantial influx of resources from PRN, only 201 physicians sent in "Election Request Forms" as of June 4, 2001. While this was an encouraging show of support, it was not enough to sustain a continued organizing effort at Montefiore.

PRN will re-visit this matter if, in the future, your group advise us that an organizing effort at Montefiore is viable. Montefiore physicians are encouraged to contact PRN immediately if they believe they are being subjected to discrimination or retribution as a result of their involvement with PRN to this point.

PRN is grateful for all the support we received during this organizing effort and we will continue serving as a resource to Montefiore physicians on labor organizing issues.

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