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COMPARISON: Physicians for Responsible Negotiation (PRN)
Traditional Labor Organization With Physician Membership




Membership MD’s & DO’s only Professionals, skilled & unskilled workers
Board of Directors Selected by AMA BOT * Elected by delegates from locals
Affiliation w/other labor groups/professions/vocations No Yes
Commitment to quality patient care Quality of care may not be sacrificed in lieu of physician interests May have quality of care statement in constitution
Work/organized in conjunction with state, county & medical specialty societies Yes Generally no**
Goals of Organization:
Represent physician interests Yes Yes
Represent patient interests Yes Some
Organizational growth (Increasing dues base) Not necessarily Yes
Offers alternatives to membership in labor organization Yes, encourages it No
Actively solicits formation of new local units No, advertises availability but will only begin discussions by invitation Yes
Membership required as condition of employment (closed shop) No Most
Bargain on academic issues for residents No May, but discouraged
Subscribe to AMA Code of Ethics and CEJA opinions Yes No
Honor union picket lines No Yes
Negotiation Tactics:
Strikes/withholding necessary medical services No Yes, but generally discouraged for physician units
Information pickets Yes Yes
Non-disruptive public demonstrations Yes Yes
Lobbying and publicity campaigns Yes Yes
Provision of free medical service work Yes No




* After five years the Board must be elected by the delegates to a national meeting of the labor organization

** Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) has forged a membership agreement with California Medical Association and may reach out to other medical associations.

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